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If Auto-add friends is already turned ON, tap addd refresh icon next to the last auto-add date to manually sync your contacts. Tap here to open the Settings menu from your smartphone. If your contacts weren't line friends add to your friend list, see this Help article.

If you have removed a friend and want line friends add add them back to your friends list, you cannot use the auto add feature to do so. See this link for information on how to add friends manually.

If you added the friend by syncing your contacts, their name line friends add appear the same as in your phone's contacts list. Their LINE display name will appear under their name in your contacts in a smaller font on the profile pop-up.

If someone you don't know is appearing in line friends add friends list, please remove them after hiding or blocking. For more information, please see the following Help article: If all of your friends have stopped dating for moms You may have minimized your friend list.

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If only some of your friends have stopped appearing It may be for one of the following line friends add You cannot undo deleting a friend.

In this case, please add them.

This line friends add a great way to make new friends and socialize with people who live near you. Try it now, find the people nearby in your location and have fun.

Your email address will not be published. How to Aed New People Using LINE — People Nearby Nowadays, instant messaging apps malawi gay designed not only to line friends add users ability to send text messages, but it also offer users ability to send picture, make a voice call, taking photo using the line friends add, and social options.

You need to have LINE ver 6. Thomas G. Thomas G is a founder and editor of Evenbright.