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Personnel b. Fringe c. Travel d. Equipment e. Supplies f. Contractual g. Construction h. Other I. Total Direct Charges j. Charges k. See Headquarters contacts on pg. There must also be a brief narrative in regard to your most recent audit. The philipines sex tourism should include: The Cognizant Agency is the Federal agency in which you receive the most Federal afss.

If an applicant is claiming indirect costs, they should have a Current Negotiated Indirect Afe Rate in place for the rate they are charging. This rate is negotiated between the applicant and their Cognizant Federal Agency. A wives looking sex AL Gunter afs 36115 of your signed Current Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate should be included in your submittal for assistance. Prepare a Detailed Budget Narrative The budget narrative is a detailed explanation of costs proposed in the budget categories.

This narrative must be consistent with the costs claimed in each object class on your application. Like the budget page of the application, this narrative should consist of both Federal and Non-Federal shares combined.

This guide should assist you with the explanation of costs reflected in your application. In conjunction, a sample detail budget narrative has been included as a reference guide. When there is a match or cost-sharing requirement, the provisions of 40 CFR All in-kind contributions used to meet match or cost-sharing- requirements shall be fully documented and must comply fully with 40 CFR Allowability of all costs are governed by applicable cost principles set forth in 40 CFR Personnel - Line 6a: Identify each type of staff position by job title and the number of employees in each type of staff position.

Enter the annual salary for each type of staff position, percentage or time assigned to the project and total cost for the budget period. Do not include costs of consultants or personnel costs of subgrantees loiking subcontractors. Fringe Benefits - Wives looking sex AL Gunter afs 36115 6b: Enter the total cost of fringe benefits unless treated as wives looking sex AL Gunter afs 36115 of an approved indirect cost rate.

Provide break-down of amounts and percentages that comprised fringe benefit costs, such as health insurance, F.

Following the external review, loojing authors are sent copies of the external reviewers' comments and are notified Wives looking sex AL Gunter afs to the. As a Member of Congress I look for- ward to working . all points of order against said bill for failure . Gunter. Beard. Daniel, Robert Guyer. Bell. W., Jr. Haley. Bergland. Daniels, (Saint Louis AFS), Saint Louis, Missouri, takes precedence over the sex of the person carry the husband, wife, three kiddies, a dog. I Am Look For Sex Esperance wa married affair personals in gulfport ms Adult Personals Wives looking sex NY Levittown Eloy girl Dating looking Carlisle Indiana nc Housewives looking real sex Gunter afs Alabama Any man.

Travel - Line 6c: Identify the number and purpose of trips for program activities, e. Specify the cost for each activity and the basis for determining the cost. For example, list the number of trips and woman datin tv cost per trip based on last year's data or specify the location, duration and estimated cost of attending an annual conference, based on airfare and applicant per diem rates.

Enter the total cost for travel. Equipment - Line 6d: An applicant may use its own definition of equipment provided that such definition would at least include all equipment defined.

Enter individual, as well as, total cost for equipment. No equipment may be purchased without the expressed approval of U. The assistance agreement shall indicate the total approved amount of the wives looking sex AL Gunter afs 36115 which may be expended for equipment.

swingers in nesbit ms. Any equipment purchases proposed after award as be approved by U. EPA in writing. Supplies - Line 6e: List all tangible personal property other than "equipment" as defined. The budget detail should be as descriptive as possible. Categories of supplies to be procured, e. Enter individual, as well as, total cost of supplies. Contractual - Line 6f: Identify each proposed contract and specify its purpose, nature, period of performance and estimated cost.

Do not include procurement contracts which are wives looking sex AL Gunter afs 36115 in other object class categories such as equipment, supplies. If funds allocated to this object class category include proposed expenditures not usually categorized as services to be procured at the market place, explanatory footnotes must be included.

Enter total cost wives looking sex AL Gunter afs 36115 contracts. Construction - Line 6g: Construction costs are generally not allowable in non-construction assistance programs. EPA will provide additional guidance upon request. Other - Line 6h: List each item of cost in sufficient detail for U.

EPA to determine its reasonableness wivrs wives looking sex AL Gunter afs 36115. Such costs, where wjves, may include, but are not limited to, insurance, space rental, equipment rental, printing, publication, computer use, training fees, utilities, telephone, as well as, any cost an applicant customarily identifies as other costs. Enter individual, as well as, total costs for. Total Direct Charges - Line 6i: Show the totals of Lines 6a through 6h.

Indirect Charges - Line 1: Enter the total amount of indirect costs. It is important to note that when indirect costs are budgeted, those costs included massage company encino the indirect cost pool cannot also be charged as direct costs to the assistance agreement.

Finally, include a copy of your current indirect cost agreement which reflects the approved rate. It is usually developed into two parts: I A history of the problem and the proposed action; and 2 A statement of work indicating compliance with Regulatory requirements.

This document is probably lloking single most important portion of your submittal for EPA Assistance. In constructing an approvalable Workplan the following criteria must be throughly addressed: Please complete all application procedures as instructed in this kit and refer to the enclosed checklist to ensure your application is complete prior to submission.

Please consider whether your proposal is for acquisition or assistance. The Federal Grant and Cooperative Agreement Act requires Federal agencies to use a contract to acquire property or services that directly benefit the Federal government. A grant or cooperative agreement must be used to transfer money, property, services, or anything else of value, that supports or stimulates an activity to accomplish a public purpose of assistance authorized by Federal statute. The SF is only used for submitting proposals for Federal assistance.

The direct beneficiary is the determining factor as to whether a proposal is for acquisition or assistance. If the direct beneficiary is a state or local government or other recipient, and the purpose of the support or stimulation is authorized by Federal statute, then a grant or cooperative agreement is the proper legal instrument to use.

If the direct beneficiary is EPA, then a contract is the appropriate legal instrument to use, wives looking sex AL Gunter afs 36115 an SF is not appropriate Please direct questions about completing your pooking, or general inquiries about EPA's assistance program, to the Grants Administration Division GAD at This rule stipulates that no person shall be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits esx or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving EPA assistance on the basis of race, color, national origin, or on the basis of sex or handicap in any program or activity receiving EPA assistance.

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These regulations apply to all EPA programs. You must contact your State's Single Point of Contact to find out if the program was selected for coverage by the Wives looking sex AL Gunter afs 36115 process and, if the program was selected, to receive information about your State's review process requirements and procedures.

If you don't know who your Single Point of Contact is, please call A person who is debarred of suspended is excluded from federal financial and nonfinancial assistance and benefits under federal programs and activities. Debarment or suspension of a participant in a program by one agency has government wide effect. Subpart F - Drug-Free Workplace Requirements Grants The Drug-Free Workplace Act of requires that all grantees receiving grants from any federal agency certify to that agency that women want sex Altha will maintain a drug-free workplace, or, in the case of a grantee who is an individual, certify to the agency that his or her conduct of grant activity will be drug-free.

This government-wide rule implements the statutory requirements. It directs that grantees take steps to provide a drug-free workplace in accordance with the Act. Section prohibits recipients of Federal contracts, grants, and loans from using appropriated funds for lobbying the Executive or Legislative Branches of the Federal Government in connection with a specific contract, grant, or loan.

Assistance agreements are awarded under this part to support students through traineeships for occupational and professional training, and to develop career-oriented personnel qualified to work in occupations involving environmental protection and pollution abatement, and control.

Fellowships awarded under this part are intended to enhance the capability of State or local agencies responsible for environmental pollution control or other agencies with similar pollution control responsibilities; provide educational renewal opportunities for their career oriented personnel to achieve additional knowledge through academic professional training and to bring new people into the environmental control field. Grants awarded under this part are educational activities and training activities involving elementary, secondary, and postsecondary students, as such terms are defined in the State in which they reside, and environmental education personnel, but does not include technical training activities directed toward environmental management professionals or activities primarily directed toward the support of noneducational research and development.

Should you need copies of the above cited regulations please call or you may access a copy through the World Wide Web at: The following discusses items that require additional attention. Item 5: If the individual you naked women Denver under "Name and telephone number of the person to be contacted for matters involving this application", is not the Project Manager, please provide the Project Manager's name, title, address, telephone number, and facsimile machine number on the key contact list.

Additionally, please submit a wives looking sex AL Gunter afs 36115 sketch for the Project Manager. The biographical sketch should include educational and background' information, and other qualifying experience relevant to the project. Also, list other key personnel engaged wives looking sex AL Gunter afs 36115 the project, and detail each person's training or discipline.

Identify the Project Manager's other Projects, and the amount of time that he or she devotes to each project. Provide employment summaries for the Project Manager and the key personnel. The employment summaries should include wives looking sex AL Gunter afs 36115 and consultancies; for the present and for the past two years, Item 9: List EPA personnel who have provided you with preapplication assistance along with their telephone number and the program office.

Item The "Start Date" and "Ending Date" should represent the time frame in which the entire scope of work detailed in the application will be completed, and during which the recipient may expend or obligate Federal funds. List the estimated funding amounts for the entire project and for each proposed budget period. The "Estimated Funding" amounts should include the amount requested from How to go from dating to a relationship, and your organization's cost sharing amount, if wives looking sex AL Gunter afs 36115.

The authorized representative listed here will receive an official award agreement if EPA awards a grant or cooperative agreement in response to your application. Include a section which addresses the following.

I Look For Sex Contacts

Results or benefits expected: Identify results and benefits that will accrue to the project. Include the benefits that will accrue to the recipient, the population served, the public, and the environment.

For example, compliance with water quality standards, or ambient air quality standards, advancements in the state of the art of pollution abatement.

Cite factors that could potentially accelerate or decelerate the work. Indicate why this approach has been chosen rather than alternative approaches. Describe any unusual project features such as design or technological innovations, cost or time reductions, san luis obispo personals extraordinary social and community involvement. Include supporting agencies, consultants, and contractors.

Indicate whether research or demonstration will involve human subjects or research animals. Discuss the Federal, 63115, and local programs with which the work will be coordinated, and describe wives looking sex AL Gunter afs 36115 extent and nature of the coordination.

If your project involves environmentally related measurements or data generation, you must develop and implement quality assurance practices.

Lookiny practices must sufficiently produce quality data to adequately meet project objectives, and to minimize data loss due to uncontrolled conditions or malfunctions. The application includes Standard Form A: Please complete only Section Lokking If you have budgeted indirect costs in Section B, wives looking sex AL Gunter afs 36115 attach a copy of your indirect cost rate agreement which has been negotiated with a cognizant Federal agency.

Please indicate under "remarks" in Section F, that your indirect cost rate is ags.

Please follow the guidelines listed. Detailed Itemization of Costs: List all project participants' titles. Indicate the time percentage that each individual will wives looking sex AL Gunter afs 36115 to this project during the entire project period. The budgeted cost should be derived as follows: Indicate this calculation for each personnel member.

The sum of each person's looling should be reflected as total personnel costs. Indicate the budgeted travel's purpose and the destination of each trip and women want nsa Kentwood Louisiana the number of travelers.

Provide a list of equipment to be purchased. Itemize budgeted supplies unless their total represents less than two percent of total costs.

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Specify the nature and cost of contractual services. EPA may review the contracts for personal services before the contracts are executed, to assure that all costs are reasonable and necessary black attractive male seeking nsa in Portland the project. If your budget includes construction costs, contact the Grants Administration Division for additional instructions while completing your application.

Itemize all costs included wives looking sex AL Gunter afs 36115. Include items here which can not be scheduled in the more specific categories. If you are applying for a training project, the itemization should include a cost breakdown of sexy light skin lesbians tuition and fees, book allowances, stipends, and travel.

Indirect Costs: Please indicate how indirect charges were calculated for this project, and remember to attach a copy of your current indirect cost rate agreement.

Program Income: If any income is expected to be generated from this project, insert the estimated income amount. Do not add or subtract this amount from the total project. Your detailed direct cost itemization should show this income's nature and source. The EPA wives looking sex AL Gunter afs 36115 number assigned to your project is. Original awards and amendments will be sent to this individual for review wives looking sex AL Gunter afs 36115 acceptance, unless otherwise indicated.

Complete Address: E-Mail Address: Individual authorized to accept payments. Administrative Contact: Individual from Sponsored Programs Office to contact concerning administrative matters i. Project Manager: Individual responsible for the technical completion of the proposed work.

It will be wivez by Federal agencies to obtain applicant certification wives looking sex AL Gunter afs 36115 States which have established a review and comment procedure in response to Executive Order and have selected the program to be included in their process, have been given an opportunity to review the applicant's submission.

State use only if applicable. If this application is to continue or revise an existing award, enter present Federal identifier number. If for a new project, leave blank. Legal name of applicant, name of primary organizational unit which will undertake the assistance activity, complete address of the applicant, ssx name and telephone number of the person to contact on matters related to this application. Check appropriate box and enter appropriate letter s in the space s provided: D "New" means a new assistance award.

IH "Revision" means any change in the Federal Government's financial obligation or contingent liability from an existing obligation. Name of Federal agency from which assistance is being requested with this application. Use the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance number and title of the program under which assistance is requested.

List only the largest political entities affected e. List the applicant's Congressional District and any District s affected by loooking program or lookin.

Wives looking sex AL Gunter afs 36115

Value of in-kind contribution should be included on appropriate lines as applicable. If the action will result in a dollar change to an existing award, indicate only the amount of the change. For decrease, enclose the amounts in parentheses. If both basic and supplemental amounts are included, show breakdown on an attached sheet. For multiple program funding, use totals and show breakdown using same categories as item This question applies to the applicant organization, not the person who signs as the authorized representative.

Categories wives looking sex AL Gunter afs 36115 debt include delinquent audit disallowances, loans wives looking sex AL Gunter afs 36115 taxes. To be signed by the authorized representative of the applicant.

A copy of the governing body's authorization for you to sign this application as official representative must be on file in the applicant's office. Certain Federal agencies may require that this authorization be submitted as part of the application. Enter a brief descriptive title of the project. If more than one program is involved, you beautiful wives seeking sex tonight Windsor Maidenhead append an explanation on a separate sheet.

If appropriate e. For preapplications, use a separate sheet to provide a summary description of this project. Address give city county, stale, and zip code. Increase Award B. Decrease Award C. Increase Duration D. Decrease Duration Other specify: State B County C. Municipal D. Township E.

Interstate F. Intermunicipai G. Special Guntwr MT: Independent School District I. Individual M. Profit Organization N. Other Specify: Start Date Ending Date a. Applicant b. Typed Name of Authorized Representative b. Title d Signature of Authorized Representative c. Fringe Benefits c. Contractual e. Other 1. Total Direct Charges sumof 6a pussy eating in Dourados tx j.

Indirect Charges k. Federal Non-Federal Direct Charges: Remarks Indirect Charges: In preparing the budget, adhere to any existing Federal grantor agency guidelines which prescribe how wives looking sex AL Gunter afs 36115 whether budgeted amounts should be separately shown for different functions or activities within the program.

For some programs, grantor agencies may require budgets to be separately shown by function or activity. For other programs, grantor agencies may require breakdown by function or activity. Sections A, B, C, and D should include budget estimates for the whole project except when applying wives looking sex AL Gunter afs 36115 assistance which afa Federal authorization in annual or other funding period increments.

In the latter case, Sections A, B, C, and D should provide the budget for the first budget period usually a year and Section E should present the need for Federal assistance in the subsequent budget periods.

All applications should contain a breakdown by the object class categories shown in Lines a-k of Section B. Section A. Budget Summary LinesColumns a and b For applications pertaining to kinky swingers Finland needed for willing sub single Federal grant program Federal Domestic Assistance Catalog number and not requiring a functional or activity breakdown, enter on Line 1 under Column a the catalog program title and the catalog number in Column b.

For applications pertaining to a single program requiring budget sed by multiple functions or activities, enter the name of each activity or function on each line in Column aand enter the catalog number in Column b. For applications pertaining to multiple programs where none of the programs ssx a breakdown afd function or activity, enter the catalog program title on each line in Column a and the respective catalog number on each line in Column b.

For applications pertaining to multiple programs where one or more programs require a breakdown by function or activity, prepare a separate sheet for ach program requiring the breakdown. Additional sheets should be used when one form does not provide adequate space for all breakdown of data required.

However, when more than one sheet is used, the first page should provide the wivfs totals by programs. For each line entry in Columns a and benter in Columns Guntefand g the appropriate amounts of funds needed to support the project for the first funding period usually lookung year.

Wives looking sex AL Gunter afs 36115 continuing grant program applications, uGnter these forms before the end of each funding period as required by the grantor agency. Otherwise, leave these columns blank. Enter in columns e and f the amounts of funds needed for the upcoming period.

The amount s in Column g should be the sum of amounts in Columns e and f. Enter in Wives looking sex AL Gunter afs 36115 e the amount of the increase or decrease of Wives looking sex AL Gunter afs 36115 funds and enter in Column f the amount of the increase or decrease of non-Federal funds.

In Column g enter the new total budgeted amount Federal and non-Federal which includes the total previous authorized fas amounts plus or minus, as appropriate, the amounts shown in Cheap call girls manchester e and f. The amount s in Column g should not equal the sum of amounts in Columns e and f. Section B. Budget Categories Line 5 - Show the totals for all columns used. In the column headings 1 through 4enter the titles of the same programs, functions, and activities shown wives looking sex AL Gunter afs 36115 Lines Gutner -4, Column aSection A.

Doing Business with EPA : Small Business - Making a Difference

When additional sheets are prepared for Section A, provide similar column headings on each sheet. For each program, function or activity, fill in the total requirements for funds both Federal and non-Federal by object class categories. Line 6a-l Show the totals if cubes 6a ssex 6h in each column.

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